(Pictured above: A scene from HBO’s social media game, Game of Thrones Ascent.)

As if Game of Thrones fans don’t already have enough to be geeked about this season. Zynga and developer Disruptor Beam are bringing HBO’s Game of Thrones Ascent into the Zynga Partners program.

Since its beta launch in February, the game has gained a huge following with more than 500,000 installs and many repeat players returning to the virtual world of Westeros. Joining the Zynga Partners program will further expand the game’s reach to a new group of users in the social gaming arena.

“Zynga is a true leader in the industry and we are thrilled that they will be working with us and Disruptor Beam to make this fantastic game available to fans through multiple platforms.” said James Costos, VP HBO Global Licensing. “The response to the Facebook launch of Game of Thrones Ascent has been incredible and we expect that to continue as more users opt into the game.”

Game of Thrones Ascent puts players in the lives of nobles during a time of upheaval, uniting both story and strategy from the scenes portrayed in the books and series. Players work to claim their birthright by swearing allegiance to one of the great houses, securing holdings, developing lands, assigning sworn swords to quests, all while forging alliances and much more.

Learn more and read a blog post about the game by Jon Radoff, CEO and Founder, Disruptor Beam.