"Justice League 101" for Extra Credit!

11 Jul 2013 -

By Alex Segura

This summer, the three Justice League teams will face off against one another in the pages of the epic "Trinity War" DC Comics storyline - but did you know there were three Justice Leagues? All is explained by DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns, who also happens to write the regular Justice League and Justice League of America comic book series, and - in tandem with co-writer Jeff Lemire - is the mastermind behind "Trinity War." Johns took time out of his busy schedule to narrate a "Justice League 101"-style whiteboard animation video that not only gives fans the basics on who the three Justice Leagues are, but also teases what's coming up for the biggest superhero teams in the comic book world - this summer and beyond.

A great primer for new fans and chock-full of teases for the converted, take a moment to view the Justice League/Trinity War whiteboard video for yourself - and learn a bit more about some of the most iconic characters in comic book history, from the man behind their adventures himself.

Alex Segura is Executive Director, Publicity, DC Entertainment.