Playing Make Believe On Impact Day

16 Aug 2013 - By TW Staff

Yesterday, a number of Time Warner employees attended a very important meeting at Time Warner Center. Instead of long boardroom tables and blackberries, tables were covered in brightly-colored table cloths; there were no PowerPoint decks, but there were plenty of ribbons, glue bottles, felt, and beads strewn across the table tops.

It was just another day in the land of Only Make Believe, a theater troupe that creates and performs interactive theatre for children in hospitals and care facilities throughout New York City. Employees volunteered time to create costumes and props to be used in upcoming Only Make Believe performances.

Megan Stewart, Corporate Relations Manager for Only Make Believe, demonstrated creative ways to use felt, construction paper, ribbons, and markers to turn bland fisherman hats and plastic beaded necklaces with old CDs attached to them into fun, wearable art. The room fell silent as the volunteers got down to work, working intently at their projects and carefully gluing together masterpieces-in-progress. One volunteer attached felt to the back of her hat and made multiple straight cuts into the fabric so it looked like hair, while others made colorful animal faces, like lions and cats. Others looked to superheroes Spiderman and The Flash for inspiration.

In the world of Only Make Believe, the performers aren't the only ones who get to dress up. During each performance, children are given a variety of vibrant accessories, like hats, feather boas, and "bling."

"It's a great event for people who are busy, as it's not a huge time commitment and it takes place in the office," said Megan. "It brings a lot of joy to the kids."

See photos from the event below, and learn more about Only Make Believe here.