Time Warner Hosts the Center for Talent Innovation

30 Sep 2013 - By TW Staff

Last week, Time Warner hosted a program and reception for the Center for Talent Innovation (CTI) to present its findings from a recent study on Innovation, Diversity and Market Growth.

CTI's research quantifies the "diversity dividend," showing that inclusive leadership comes out of a diverse workforce. The findings showed that when leaders and companies embrace diversity, it creates a "speak up culture" that meets the needs of under-served demographics and results in a measurable impact on the bottom line. The CTI will release more of its findings publically.

Time Warner is a longtime sponsor of the CTI, a nonprofit think tank based in NYC, whose task force is focused on helping organizations leverage their talent across gender, generational, geographical and cultural divides.

Time Warner strives to cultivate talent from a broad range of people, backgrounds and perspectives. The company believes that having a diverse workforce is critical to creating content for a worldwide audience and helps it to continue being a leader in the media and entertainment industry.

Here's a clip from the conference of Time Warner's Chief Diversity Officer Lisa Garcia Quiroz discussing CTI's "acquired diversity" findings and how it can impact Time Warner's diversity strategy.

For more on the study's findings, see "How Women Drive Innovation and Growth" (Harvard Business Review) and "Looking for Innovation in All the Wrong Places (Stanford Social Innovation Review).