HBO Asia Travels Serangoon Road

1 Oct 2013 - By TW Staff

Time Warner is a company of storytellers, which means sharing great stories with consumers worldwide. Just this year, we've seen The Bachelorette wooing India and Gossip Girl getting a Spanish-language twist.

The latest example of great storytelling for regional audiences is HBO Asia'sSerangoon Road, a ten-episode detective noir series set against the tumultuous backdrop of 1960s Singapore, when the global balance of power was shifting and Singapore found itself at a crossroad.

The series features a multi-national, multicultural cast and production team, including stars Don Haney, celebrated Chinese actress Joan Chen and regional stars Chin Han, Ario Bayu and Michael Dorman.

Learn more about HBO Asia and Serangoon Road online, and see a teaser trailer below. You can also check out HBO Asia's YouTube page for more clips and behind-the-scenes stories.