Necessary Evil = Necessary Purchase

23 Oct 2013 - By TW Staff

(Above: Jim Lee, Co-Publisher of DC Entertainment, in a clip from Necessary Evil: Super-Villains of DC Comics)

Co-Publisher of DC Entertainment

Why are super-villains so deliciously watchable? So delectably evil? Fans and newbies alike can explore that conundrum when Necessary Evil: Super-Villains of DC Comics is released Friday, October 25.

The new feature-length documentary explores seven decades from DC Comics’ Rogue's Gallery of infamous evildoers. Narrated by legendary film villain Christopher Lee, Necessary Evil examines the tortured psyches of your favorite animation, comic book, game, TV and feature film baddies against the backdrop of culture, history and society. Insights from famed creators and storytellers, including Zack Snyder, Guillermo del Toro, Jim Lee, Geoff Johns and Richard Donner, shine a fascinating light on those malevolent, charismatic characters who thrive in the dark.

See the trailer below now, and be sure to get your copy Friday.