"Seduced and Abandoned" Premiere Brings Cannes to NYC

28 Oct 2013 - By TW Staff

(Above: Alec Baldwin, James Toback, Martin Scorsese and HBO CEO Richard Plepler at the premiere of HBO Documentary's Seduced and Abandoned at Time Warner Center in New York City.)

HBO Documentary Films' Seduced and Abandoned follows its producers James Toback and Alec Baldwin around the 2012 Cannes Film Festival as they search for financing for a loose remake of Last Tango in Paris. Their unpredictable experiences and interactions with actors and industry executives shed light on the alluring aspects of filmmaking and the struggle with modern movie commerce.

The documentary premieres tonight at 9 p.m. on HBO.

Enjoy these photos from the New York City premiere:

James Toback and Alec Baldwin

James Toback and Alec Baldwin

HBO's Shiela Nevins and Alec Baldwin

Sheila Nevins, President of HBO Documentary Films, and Alec Baldwin

Harvey Keitel and James Toback

Harvey Keitel and James Toback

Alec and Hillaria Baldwin

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin