If you're tuning into HBO across the pond, you may notice something different about the premium channel. Last month, HBO Europe launched new on-air looks in 10 languages in 15 countries across Central and Eastern Europe and the Netherlands. The HBO Europe Creative Services department worked with U.S. agency Viewpoint Creative on the design.

"The real challenge of a new on-air look is for every piece in the package to work in unity, and for the overall look and feel to deliver a sense of what the brand stands for," said Eric Council, Vice President of Regional Marketing for HBO Europe. "Sometimes this means taking a step back, so that our content - the real heart of what defines HBO - comes to the foreground. We believe that the frame shouldn’t be more important than the painting, but perfectly complement it. And this has driven us at every stage in the design process."

The HBO Europe New Media department is taking the redesign one step further with each country relaunching its website with a new, cleaner customer interface and more defined graphics. Watch the video below to learn more about the redesign.