Time Warner’s Kathleen Harris Joins Northeast Business Group on Health Board

21 Nov 2013 - By TW Staff

Kathleen Harris, Vice President of Benefits at Time Warner, has been elected by the Northeast Business Group on Health to join its Board of Directors. The NEBGH is a network of employers, providers and insurers that work to improve quality and reduce costs of healthcare in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts. Kathleen’s expertise will inform best practices for mid and large sized companies seeking to improve their health care delivery. Thanks in part to her contributions to the benefits programs at Time Warner, the company has been recognized for its best practices by Diversity Inc., the Human Rights Foundation, Catalyst and the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation to name a few. Other companies will benefit from Kathleen’s experience and research.

Kathleen, who has been at Time Warner since 2006, is responsible for defining the Company’s benefits strategy and developing programs that contribute to employees’ health and well-being. Time Warner’s progressive and inclusive benefits cover everything from wellness and prevention, to state of the art health and care management programs.

Kathleen saw the great success CNN had with their Fit Nation program – to encourage employees to stay active, healthy and happy – and worked with them to roll out the program enterprise wide with hundreds of employees across Time Warner participating in runs and triathlons worldwide. Wellness programs like Fit Nation not only foster camaraderie among employees, but ensure a healthy and productive workforce. Kathleen and her team also created a leading-edge care management program for Time Warner that provides targeted healthcare support to employees with complex health conditions.

HBO's Tyler Raymond crosses the finish line at the 2013 Spring NYC 5K he ran with Fit Nation.