Who is arguably the most despised character on television? That’s right, you guessed it, Game of Throne’s very own King Joffrey! HBO is encouraging you to share your best zingers, insults and disses toward the boy-king today and tomorrow, December 12-13. You can submit your taunts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Vine using the hashtag #RoastJoffrey. You can also submit your verbal affronts directly at HBO Connect.

No matter where you post, the new RoastJoffrey.com micro-site will curate all #RoastJoffrey content, punch lines, video and worst-of moments into a single feed for everyone's entertainment. (It already has some zingers from unlikely sources—like Oreo and Charmin’s twitter feeds.) This movement also extends offline to university campuses, where HBO reps will host study break pop-up roasts for student fans, along with other on-campus activities.

While we may keep our undeniable hatred of Joffrey inside most of the time, today is the day the world can unite for #RoastJoffrey. Watch "The Hound" get the roast started below.