A Commitment to Community

18 Dec 2013 - By TW Staff

In addition to entertaining audiences for nearly a century, Warner Bros. Entertainment is also a leader in corporate responsibility. And with the re-launch of WBCitizenship.com, the company is sharing its CR efforts across four key areas - creative content, community, sustainability, and workplace – with the world. The newly re-launched website provides news, employee spotlights and engagement opportunities through social media channels like its Facebook page.

"Corporate responsibility has long been a priority at Warner Bros., and the re-launch of WBCitizenship.com is intended to promote greater awareness of our work in this space," said Susan Fleishman, Executive Vice President, Worldwide Corporate Communications & Public Affairs, Warner Bros. Entertainment, in a press release. "These programs and initiatives impact and inform how we conduct our business, support our employees, and interact with the communities in which we work and live, and we’re excited to share these important efforts with our global audiences."

To learn more about Warner Bros.' corporate responsibility efforts, visit WBCitizenship.com.

Did you know? Warner Bros.' CR initiatives have been featured on the Time Warner blog before. Read about the company's sustainability efforts here and here.