Adult Swim Rules the Night

5 Feb 2014 - By TW Staff

(Above: Adult Swim's original prime time programming includes Dan Harmon's Rick and Morty, airing Mondays at 10:30 p.m.)

The New York Times calls Adult Swim the "new force in late night," and with good reason.

Today, the network announced it's adding another hour of programming to its schedule, moving further back into prime time. Starting March 31, Adult Swim – basic cable's #1 network for young adults 18-34 – will offer programming from 8 p.m to 6 a.m. every day.

"As Adult Swim continues to succeed with record ratings and connects with its audiences more than ever, it is imperative that we find a way to grow this part of the business that keeps the essence of what has made it successful and competitive," said Stuart Snyder, president and COO of Turner Broadcasting's Animation, Young Adults and Kids Media (AYAKM), in announcing the change.

Adult Swim will launch its new hour of programming with the hit animated comedy King of the Hill, to air at both 8 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. followed by The Cleveland Show at 9 p.m. This will lead audiences into a full line-up of original and acquired award-winning, branded content like the Emmy®-winning Robot Chicken and Childrens Hospital.

Thanks to Adult Swim, your late nights are getting a slightly earlier start.