Warner Bros. Welcomes Media Camp 2014

3 Jun 2014 - By TW Staff

Warner Bros. announced the participants for its second annual Media Camp accelerator program. Six startups, which include three international companies, will spend 12 weeks attending workshops and working with Warner executives to develop and execute new projects and initiatives.

“Media Camp is a great example of Warner Bros.’ commitment to fostering innovation that will help shape the new entertainment frontier,” said Debra Baker, Senior Vice President, Global Business Development, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, in a press release. “Media Camp not only provides entrepreneurs with access, resources, and relationship-building opportunities otherwise unavailable to them, it allows us to work intensively with outside talent to accelerate new products and services.”

The 2014 class includes:

Bubbl: A mobile app that lets friends capture their favorite parts of online videos. At the push of a button, Bubbl enables you to share the most relevant nine-second “snip” of streaming content to show friends what matters most.

Incoming Media: A technology platform that uses behavioral data analytics to deliver mobile content more efficiently, resulting in a better user experience, increased user engagement and retention, and lower data bills for consumers.  The platform uses on-device personal machine learning, predictive analytics, and network connectivity awareness to intelligently pre-position video content to mobile devices.

Portal Entertainment: A premium content company that uses technology to enable a new type of interactive entertainment experience for mobile and tablet devices that responds to the audience’s facial reactions and leverages device features (e.g. camera, calendar, maps, etc.) to add a real world component to the story.

Sidevision: A video player that allows YouTube talent and other content creators to display relevant commerce opportunities next to their videos and collect affiliate fees from transactions they generate.

Toggle: A Wi-Fi-enabled dongle that plugs into a television’s HDMI port and allows users to easily stream content from cloud accounts.

Wisemetrics: A content distribution platform that uses dynamic, predictive analytics to improve brand performance in advertising, social media, and email campaigns.

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