Storytelling Front and Center on the New

9 Jun 2014 -

By Doris Barchi & Ana Villarreal

Notice something different today? This morning, the refresh of went live. The new design brings Time Warner’s commitment to light up the world with the best storytelling to life with stunning images, exciting video content and mobile device enhancements.

The homepage prominently features the latest news content from our three Time Warner operating divisions: HBO, Turner and Warner Bros., as well as from Time Warner corporate. And it seamlessly integrates feeds from social media such as the Time Warner Blog (yes, us!) and the @twxcorp twitter feed to create an up-to-date narrative about the company in one place.

First and foremost, like our company, the design is about storytelling—whether the user is an investor, a fan, a prospective employee, or someone just passing through. The majority of the content highlighted on the homepage features on-page video, which brings the user’s experience with the content to another level and opens into a very appealing viewing screen, and then allows them to click on the name of the show or movie to learn more. In addition, since many users view content on their mobile devices, has taken on a responsive design format. This allows users to easily view the website’s content based on the specifications of their device’s screen size.

Don’t take our word for it. Go there now and experience the new

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Doris Barchi is Manager, Digital Communications, and Ana Villarreal is Associate, Digital Communications, at Time Warner Inc.