Team Coco Comes to China

8 Jul 2014 - By TW Staff

Conan O’Brien’s late-night talk show received more than three million video hits since its online debut in China just two weeks ago. The show, which features comedy sketches and celebrity interviews, is available with Chinese subtitles through Sohu Video, a unit of the online media group Since online video isn't as heavily regulated as television in China, there are more opportunities to show dramas and comedies from the United States and other countries. Sohu licenses many hit American TV shows, including The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

It’s not Team Coco’s first experience with Chinese television, however. Many fans will remember when Conan took revenge on Chinese talk show Da Peng for copying his opening credits, and who could forget when Conan and Andy were invited to do the voice-overs for China’s most popular TV show The Return of the Pearl Princess.

And, lest you’re worried about international incidents, Conan and Da Peng are good: