"Legendize" Yourself

5 Aug 2014 - Maigh Houlihan is Project Manager, IT Strategy, at Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

(Above: TNT's Cathryn McIntosh offers an example of how to "Legendize" your selfie.)

"Legendize" yourself and it could end up on the big billboard in New York City's Times Square. Below, guest blogger Maigh Houlihan, Project Manager for Turner IT Strategy, explains.

By Maigh Houlihan

Don't Kill Sean Bean isn't the only hashtag that's trending around the launch of the new TNT original Legends. The IT Strategy team has been working with Cathryn McIntosh in TNT Marketing and the TNT social team on a social activation: creating your legend (in the FBI, legends are undercover identities, by the way).

The concept is for fans of the show/Sean Bean to tweet a selfie with two hash tagged truths about themselves and #mylegendTNT – which will be processed in near record time and replied to with a customized image including their legend (and tune in details, natch). 

Like so:

(Above: the author Legendized)

Fancy? Yes.

Here’s how it works. In this example, Cathryn proclaims her love of gardening and the fact that she's a dancer, and includes a flattering image of herself as well as the CTA (call to action) hashtag: #mylegendtnt. The tweet should look something like this:

Using our tool called Thoughtstream, we harness the power of the Twitter API listening for the CTA hashtag of #mylegendTNT. If a tweet has the CTA hashtag, we check for the presence of media and if there’s an image, we grab it and pass it to a third party tool called Cloudinary. Meanwhile, we’re doing a few other things: checking the rest of the tweet against our potty-mouth blacklist and grabbing your two hashtagged truths then randomly selecting a legend for you from a predefined list.

Cloudinary does the heavy lifting with the image manipulation: cropping to your face and converting to black and white while overlaying the text we pass.  Last, it hands us back the image via their API, and we reply to your tweet from the @LegendsTNT Twitter account with the completed piece of art: Your LEGEND: revealed.  Round trip from tweet to reply: five seconds max. Try it.

We soft launched at a DJ junket on Friday, August 1, but we'll really super soft launch with you..RIGHT NOW. TODAY.  And don’t worry about being too quiet about it, we want to see your Legend on social.

For our final hurrah, curated Legends will be one component in our execution on the AE billboards in Times Square in August, coinciding with the series premiere on August 13 at 9/8c. Your face could be on the big board!

Go make your Legend, and bring us your crazy ideas.