Finales, Fan Questions and Elite Escapes

29 Aug 2014 - Elise DeVoe is Associate, Corporate Communications, Time Warner Inc.

By Elise DeVoe

Tonight, Jonah adjusts to life in Juvenile Detention and welcomes a special visitor. Watch a preview for the new episode of HBO's Jonah from Tonga below.

TCM's Summer Under the Stars is winding down but Joseph Cotton, Betty Grable and Alan Ladd are still to come.

On Sunday, August 31, HBO is making it easy for you to catch up on one of the most talked-about new series. The first nine episodes of The Leftovers will air beginning at noon. Even if you've seen the episodes, it might be worth it to watch them again. After all, it's perfect prep for the final. two. episodes.

And we can't forget about Queen Bey. The finale performance of Beyoncé: X10 airs at 8:55 p.m. tonight on HBO.

Okay, enough with TV for a minute. If you're looking to get out of the sweltering heat and into the AC for a couple hours, check out one of the Warner Bros. films currently in theatersIf I Stay, Into the Storm, Tammy, Jersey Boys and Edge of Tomorrow.

Watch Chloë Grace Moretz and Jamie Blackley, stars of If I Stay, discuss their favorite moment from the film.

Now back to television. I'm sorry! I can't help it, there's just so much to watch.

Beginning September 1 (that's Monday), CNN is bringing viewers to premium travel destinations across the globe with its week-long special Elite Escapes. Watch and let CNN take you to the only resort on the island of Sumba, Indonesia, get an exclusive tour of the prestigious Antinori vineyard and that's just the beginning. Beautiful destinations with a side of wanderlust, anyone?

Tuesday, September 2, starts a month-long showcase of movies focusing on Jewish history as portrayed on screen. TCM's The Projected Image: The Jewish Experience on Film airs Tuesdays throughout September with the help of by TCM host Robert Osborne and Dr. Eric Goldman, Ph.D., an expert on Yiddish, Israeli and Jewish film and adjunct professor at Yeshiva University.

There you have it, folks. Welcome to September.