Sparking Innovation with Time Warner Investments

2 Oct 2014 - Mallory Weinberg is a Corporate Communications Associate at Time Warner Inc.

(Above: Rachel Lam, SVP and Group Managing Director of Time Warner Investments)

By Mallory Weinberg

Time Warner Investments held its annual Portfolio Day this week, an internal showcase and networking summit where executives across the company learn about its existing portfolio companies, as well as some potential prospects. The event is designed to provide a platform for Time Warner’s businesses to look for new opportunities to creatively partner with its investments.

Many of Time Warner’s portfolio companies have successfully formed partnerships with its divisions - HBO, Turner, and Warner Bros. - which is a major part of TWI's criteria when looking at prospective start-ups to invest in. Time Warner Investments’ strategy, currently focused on social content, next gen TV, mobile and online video companies that push the boundaries of digital media innovation, was evident throughout the presentations.

The event included presentations from heads of Time Warner portfolio companies including Epoxy, Krux, We Heart It, iSocket and Simulmedia. Juan Bruce, co-Founder and CEO of the social video tool startup, Epoxy, demoed its platform while explaining how the company’s concept originated.

“We thought - why are so many of our friends in Hollywood struggling in the online video space while teenagers in their bedrooms are blowing up on YouTube,” said Juan Bruce. “Online video is social, and social is also video. You can’t separate the two.” Bruce mentioned that Epoxy worked with Warner Bros. and Machinima on the second series of Mortal Kombat, launching all 10 episodes in the series on the same day through Epoxy on social channels including Facebook and Twitter.

Rachel Lam, SVP and Group Managing Director of Time Warner Investments moderated a lunch panel titled “The Entrepreneur’s Perspective” in which CEOs of several game-changing companies in attendance discussed their approaches to innovation, the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur, how to strengthen culture at an early-stage company and their future hopes and expectations working with Time Warner.

Time Warner currently has 19 companies in their portfolio.

“Time Warner is always looking at what’s next in digital media, and how our brands and scale can benefit both our businesses and investments through strategic partnerships,” said Rachel Lam. “This event gives our divisional executives and our portfolio company management teams an efficient and productive forum to explore innovative ways to work together.”