TV Everywhere is a GO in LatAm

14 Oct 2014 - Ana Villarreal is a Digital Communications Associate at Time Warner Inc.

By Ana Villarreal

Turner Latin America recently announced that it's ramping up its TV Everywhere efforts by offering high quality content across digital devices. Turner Latin America now offers TV Everywhere services through TNT GO, Space GO and Cartoon GO, allowing users to catch up on favorite shows while also offering live streaming capabilities and unique featurettes.

Turner Latin America’s Executive Vice President of Distribution and Marketing, Whit Richardson (pictured above), recently took time to speak with me about the push for TV Everywhere (TVE) in Latin America.  

We've seen the TV Everywhere initiative grow here in the U.S. and elsewhere. Why was now the right time to launch in Latin America (LatAm)? 

Our roll-out of TVE in Latin America is both a consumer-driven initiative and an industry driver. Smart phone and broadband penetration have grown considerably across the region in recent years, and Pay TV penetration has risen significantly in the region in large part by the addition of new demographic groups that didn't previously have access. Our TVE strategy intends to ensure and promote this expansion in the industry, as well as our share and participation in it.

In which LatAm countries have you launched TNT GO, Space GO and Cartoon GO and how did you decide on these regions?

We are launching region-wide in all territories. Although some countries have greater penetration today in terms of roll-out such as Argentina, Colombia, and Peru, we are confident that in a relatively short period this will replicate itself in other markets. The roll-out depends upon us setting up the technology interface and product delivery and then partnering with our clients in a mutually beneficial fashion to drive industry growth.

What kind of content will be available initially on the GO platforms? (full episodes, behind the scenes, etc.)

We offer a mix of content that fits within the positioning of each channel. For example, on TNT GO viewers can catch up on episodes of popular series or watch a movie from our library that isn't currently available on the network. We are also offering streaming of premiere live events including NBA games and the Oscars.

Cartoon Network GO will offer live streaming of their shows and a mobile app that allows users to simultaneously watch programming and play games on their mobile devices via a split screen. Additionally, their offering will include video-on-demand, catch-ups, premieres and movies of their favorite shows, such as Adventure Time, Ben 10: Omniverse, Clarence, Gumball, Regular Show, Steven Universe, Uncle Grandpa, etc.

We are also striving to make our interface the most friendly and most engaging for consumers in our markets.  We think this is just as important as providing the right content.

How are you planning to market Turner's TV Everywhere initiative in Latin America?

We will take a market-by-market approach depending on the roll-out, first marketing to our Pay TV partners.  Then when deployment has reached a significant penetration we will market massively to our consumers. Our messaging will be both instructive and creative to assure viewers know how to authenticate and what they will find once they are on the platform.

What else can we expect from Turner in regards to TV Everywhere in the future?

Very soon our Latin American TVE solution will be implemented not only for desktop, but for all mobile technologies. In addition, we have identified new Turner network "GO" launches for 2015. Now that we have successfully accomplished launches for TNT GO, Cartoon Network GO and SPACE GO, we have acquired skills to launch new "GO" offerings quickly and effectively.