HBO LatAm to Launch New Streaming Service

8 Oct 2015 - By TW Staff

By the end of the year, HBO Latin America will launch a new digital platform for HBO GO in Colombia... and that's just the beginning. It was announced today that content from HBO/MAX Premium channels will be made available to Latin America and the Caribbean via a new HBO GO a la carte streaming service.

While HBO GO is currently available as a complement to the Premium HBO/MAX subscription package through pay TV operators in the region, this marks the first time HBO Latin America will offer Premium content from the HBO/MAX channels in the region to consumers who have a broadband connection alone.

“We have seen changes in content consumption habits and are launching this new HBO GO platform as an à la carte service in response to those trends. We are creating options and adding more flexibility to our model and for our distributors, giving consumers the choice to enjoy the Premium content of HBO/MAX in the manner they want,” said Emilio Rubio, CEO of HBO Latin America, in the announcement.

The launch of the new HBO GO platform will bring new functionality, including multiple language features, a live HBO linear channel, and a redesigned user interface.

Rubio added, “The HBO subscriber is a television entertainment enthusiast that develops a relationship of passion and loyalty with the brand, driven by an emotional connection with our content.  All of our fans should have access to HBO GO.  The idea of launching this service for those who have a broadband connection alone is to ensure that more people who recognize the value of the exclusive offer of HBO/MAX have access to our content and can participate in the social phenomenon our content generates.”