Uncover the Next Great Big Story

20 Oct 2015 - By TW Staff

Just after midnight, CNN launched Great Big Story. What is Great Big Story, you ask? It's a new chapter for Turner, an independent network custom-built for mobile and social platforms that's changing the way we watch video. Great Big Story is not a "news" network and will not cover breaking news (you've got CNN for that). Instead, its goal is to focus on unparalleled and optimistic storytelling that is neither cynical nor silly.


From the cosmos to cosplay and pizza to our very planet itself, it's time to feed your feed with the most curious and compelling stories being told. This is Great Big Story.

Posted by Great Big Story on Monday, October 19, 2015


Watch some of today's content: We Found Lisa Frank!, The Untold Story of the Kool-Aid Man, Perfect is Hard, Featuring Misty Copeland. The Great Big Story team plans to unveil three to five videos every day, so check back often to uncover the untold, the overlooked, and the flat-out amazing.

Learn more about Great Big Story and follow along on iOS and Android, at greatbigstory.com, and on Facebook. YouTube, Apple News, Snapchat and more coming in November. Connected TVs (Apple TV, Roku, Amazon, Chromecast, etc.) to follow soon after.