Miller's Iconic Batman Saga Returns with DKIII

25 Nov 2015 - By TW Staff

(Four variant covers for The Dark Knight III: The Master Race.)

It's here! Frank Miller's next chapter in his heralded Dark Knight storyline, The Dark Knight III: The Master Race, is available today online and in stores. This eight-issue limited series is the sequel to the 1986 classic The Dark Knight Returns and the follow-up to The Dark Knight Strikes Again, published in 2001.

“This next chapter has been 30 years in the making,” said Miller, DKIII co-writer, in the announcement. “This is a perfect time for me to return to Batman. My relationship with DC Entertainment has always been strong and this is a happy continuation bringing this new story to comic fans. DC’s toys are always fun to play with and working with Brian, Andy and Klaus is a real blast. We can’t wait to start giving you all nightmares.”

DKIII explores Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman in unusual roles – as parents – to two very different girls, Lara (Kent) and Carrie Kelley against a larger themes of vigilantism and what it means to be a superhero – powers or not – in the real world of 24-hour media and current events.

Earlier this week, Miller took to twitter to answer fan questions. If you missed it, don't worry – Read the entire exchange here.

The release of DKIII also features something special for the true collector: 47 participating retailers around North America and the UK will feature a limited edition Dark Knight-themed cover for issue #1 that is unique to their comic shop. See a gallery of the limited edition covers and full list of participating retailers is available.

But there's more! So read the full press release.