A Heap of Holiday Cheer

11 Dec 2015 - By Elise DeVoe, Corporate Communications Associate, Time Warner Inc.

Warner Bros.' In the Heart of the Sea is in theaters today. Based on the true story that inspired Moby-Dick, the action-adventure is directed by Oscar winner Ron Howard and stars Chris Hemsworth as first mate Owen Chase of the vessel Essex.

Sunday at midnight, Adult Swim fans can watch the Robot Chicken Christmas Special: X-Mas United. It's a unique type of holiday cheer, for sure.

On Monday, HBO Documentary Films presents Very Semi-Serious: A Partially Thorough Portrait of New Yorker Cartoonists. It's a glimpse behind the scenes at the process, creation and publication of the single-panel cartoon at its preeminent publisher.

The final Republican Presidential Debate airs Tuesday on CNN. Visit cnn.com/politics for all the latest developments in the race to the White House.

All month long, TCM is bringing you fan-favorite Yuletide films like Scrooge and A Christmas Carol. But there's more! Watch the December trailer for TCM below.

And who doesn't love a free, no-strings-attached gift? HBO has you covered with 12 Days of HBO NOW.