Turner's iStreamPlanet Launches Atlas DRM Service

14 Apr 2016 - By TW Staff

Turner's iStreamPlanet—a market-leading provider of live-streaming services—recently announced the launch of its new Atlas DRM (digital rights management) service.

The new service allows iStreamPlanet customers to securely deliver media to millions of users on a variety of playback devices with simple integration into iStreamPlanet's platform and those of popular third-party streaming solutions.

Simply put, delivery of high-quality video to the device of your choice is about to get easier.

"The industry needed a scalable, cost-effective solution to securely bring HD content online while supporting the widest possible range of consumer devices,” said Brooks Tobey, senior vice president, technology strategy and business operations at Turner. “iStreamPlanet’s Atlas DRM product provides this strategic and imperative result while managing the entire media encoding and DRM pipeline from source to end user."

Turner's 2015 acquisition of a majority stake in iStreamPlanet is an important piece of the company's ongoing technology transformation. In announcing the partnership last year, Turner Chairman and CEO John Martin said, "There is no one better in the business. This partnership will expand our capabilities to offer live events within and outside of the traditional ecosystem and, by bringing iStreamPlanet’s innovative technology in-house, allow us to cultivate future business opportunities on digital platforms."