Kicking Off Earth Week with the Time Warner Energy Council

18 Apr 2016 - By TW Staff

If you're in and around any Time Warner offices this week, you may find yourself feeling a bit in the dark. That's because in honor of Earth Week, the Time Warner Energy Council has organized a worldwide power down for the fourth consecutive year.

Beginning today through April 22, participating buildings across the globe will be turning off or dimming non-essential lighting as a reminder of the impact of energy conservation. Employees are also encouraged to participate individually by turning off unnecessary lights and shutting down equipment at the end of the day.

In addition to the power down, there are a number of Earth Week activities taking place across the company. Green living workshops, volunteer activities, film screenings and conservation initiatives have been designed to engage and inform employees throughout the week.

The Company’s energy-saving efforts aren’t just limited to Earth Week. The Time Warner Energy Council, established in 2012, remains committed to reducing usage, cost and environmental impact of Time Warner’s building utilities through various energy-saving strategies. The Company has already seen significant savings from its LED retrofit program and this year, Time Warner is installing an enterprise-wide software called Wake Software that will shut down PC's and monitors in non-critical offices when not in use. The Wake Software program, which has been running successfully across Turner properties for several years, will be expanding to facilities in Burbank, Long Island and New York City this year and is expected to yield an annual savings of $100,000.

Learn more about the Time Warner Energy Council’s work here, and check back to learn more about how Time Warner is commemorating not just Earth Week, but is working to become greener and greater all year round.