HBO Debuts 'Maester'-ful GoT Recap

25 Apr 2016 - By TW Staff

As if Sunday's sixth season premiere of Game of Thrones  could have brought any more excitement, HBO took the occasion to launch After the Thrones, a new weekly recap series hosted by Andy Greenwald and Chris Ryan in partnership with executive producer Bill Simmons.

Each episode brings sophistication and wry humor -- the combo known to fans of The Watch on Channel 33's podcast for The Ringer -- as Greenwald and Ryan map out the weekly death, magic, battles and power plays in the GoT universe.

In their debut episode, the pair are joined by contributors Jason Concepcion and Mallory Rubin as they also tackle such critical questions as:

  • What's the meaning of Melisandre's climactic reveal?
  • What is the extent of Bran's powers once he finally returns?
  • Most importantly: What's the best kingdom of Westeros to live in? (Spoiler alert: None of the above)

You can watch the full premiere episode, along with every episode throughout this season of GoT, on HBO Go and HBO Now. Check out the preview below to get your water cooler buzz started.