Spread the Love with Time Warner Emoji!

9 May 2016 - By TW Staff

Released last week, Time Warner's 2015 Annual Report chronicles the many advancements in the realm of storytelling and journalism from HBO, Turner and Warner Bros. But the report's cover gave readers a little surprise: A gallery of Time Warner’s most treasured properties -- from Game of Thrones to The LEGO Movie -- all in emoji form.

Now, thanks to a partnership with Big Human, everyone can download these iconic characters to share their love of Time Warner movies, shows and brands with friends and family. With over 80 iconic emoji, users can express themselves in all new ways: friendly Big Bird or cunning Tyrion Lannister; heroic Batman or hilarious John Oliver; informative Anderson Cooper or inquisitive Anthony Bourdain. They're all here, and all at your fingertips.

Visit the iOS App Store to get these icons of the shows, characters and brands you love – and to spread that love with just a tap of your phone.