#TBT: Time Warner Wins at Take Your Kids to Work Day

10 May 2016 - By TW Staff

On April 28, Time Warner hosted its annual Take Your Kids to Work Day, and the halls of the building were abuzz with a parade of enthusiastic youngsters. Throughout the eventful day, the kids — ranging from eight to 13 years old — participated in unique and moving activities. Highlights of the day included an interactive tour of the CNN studios where kids played on the iconic Magic Wall, had a spa day in the Makeup Room, and even captured an epic CNN selfie. Other highlights included a special interactive presentation performed by The Story Pirates, and an exploratory art activity with Turner Design Group.  

The day's main event was the opportunity for the 65 children to become a part of the story at CNN. In the last two minutes of The Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield, the children mobbed Banfield on set to appear on live television. Not many kids can say they've done live TV, so big thanks to Ashleigh and the CNN production team.  It's good to have parents in the media biz.

For more highlights of the day, check out the special clip from Take Your Kids to Work Day 2016.