Tarzan Teams Up to Save African Elephants

1 Jun 2016 - By TW Staff
(Photo by Getty Images)

Before The Legend of Tarzan swings into theaters next month, the film's cast and crew are partnering to protect endangered African elephants from extinction.

Warner Bros. Pictures and Village Roadshow Pictures are teaming with the NGO Stop Ivory to support the Elephant Protection Initiative. Today, half the world's forest elephants live in the African nation of Gabon following decades of poaching that have cut the species' population by two thirds.  After prominently capturing Gabon's landscapes and wildlife for the upcoming film, the cast, crew and studios are working to engage the global community of moviegoers in the effort to end poaching in the region and save its remaining forest elephants. 

This effort begins with PSAs starring Tarzan and Jane themselves, Alexander Skarsgård and Margot Robbie, that will be shown at Regal Cinemas locations nationwide. A call to action will also be issued on Twitter with the "Retweet for Good" campaign, during which Warner Bros. will make a donation to Stop Ivory for retweets of select PSAs during designated times. Warner Bros. will continue donating to Stop Ivory as the film expands to international markets.

For more information, please visit the Stop Ivory website, and watch the video below on The Elephant Protection Initiative.