Guest Blog: Turner Hackathon Tackles New Biz Solutions

8 Jun 2016 - The Turner Team

The following is a guest blog post from our colleagues at Turner. 

Turner employees came together over the weekend for the first-ever Turner hackathon. Participation was open to any and all employees interested in hacking some of IBM’s Watson offerings. The participants, from techies and creatives to business analysts, spanned all brands and various corporate teams. And they showed up for the same challenge: create a business solution for Turner in less than three days. The event was a fun and refreshing opportunity for employees to collaborate with colleagues from across the business and step out of their daily work roles.  

The hackathon teams: 

Tres Comas: Cristal Toso-Corona (captain), Mark Headley, Phani Kandala, Brian D. Martin, Ashley Fludd and Scott Havird

Watson Watsoff: AD Slaton (captain), Jonathan Jackson, Rahul Rawla, Luther Lotz, Brian Duckett, Joe Ndjieunde and Robert Hamburger 

Dev Yes: Rich Anderson (captain), Anthony Barnes, Song Wei and Deepak Sharma 

Hack to the Future: Joey Garcia (captain) , Sri Srinivasan, Miomir Arandjelovic, Sean Joseph, Shamieka Benjamin and Timothy Brooks

Each team showed grit, class, creativity and teamwork that blew organizers and judges away. Every pitch and prototype presented was a truly viable product and business solution for the company, which proved challenging for the judges to choose a winner. In the end, the panel of executive judges (Jennifer Dorian, GM, TCM; Christina Miller, president & GM, Cartoon Network/Adult Swim/Boomerang; and Karen Painter, SVP, Turner Strategic Alliances) selected Watson Watsoff as the winning team with their concept of leveraging IBM Bluexmix to listen to an audio of a clip or file, recognize and extract specified topics, then recommend other videos based on those topics. Their creation also gathered social sentiment based on those topics.

Team Watson Watsoff also took home the "People’s Choice Award," which meant that in addition to a monetary prize, trophies and bragging rights, they took home plush squirrels, perhaps the most coveted prize of the weekend (that’s a longer story!). 

Congratulations to all the teams who participated!