Sharpen Your Pencils, Horrormeisters. It's Time to Get Writing.

13 Jun 2016 - By TW Staff

Turner's TNT & TBS networks just announced a first-of-its-kind partnership with Wattpad—the global multiplatform destination for creating and sharing original stories—designed to give the Wattpad community the opportunity to have its stories adapted for the TNT and TBS networks. And the collaboration kicks off with TNT's Tales from the Crypt horror block.

"Our partnership with Wattpad is a perfect intersection of content and fan engagement, where fans actually have the chance to directly influence and, in some cases even have their material optioned and developed by our networks," said Justin Williams, senior vice president of digital ventures for TNT and TBS.

TNT and Wattpad will invite writers to tell their stories through contests and other opportunities announced on Turner's official Wattpad profile. Slated to premiere next year, the horror block will be a weekly dose of terror and suspense curated by M. Night Shyamalan, the Oscar®-nominated writer-director of The Sixth Sense, The Visit, and Unbreakable.

Working together, TNT, TBS and Wattpad will extend their collaboration to source content for both networks.

The deal also includes access to Wattpad insights and data on its community of over 45 million people worldwide, which will assist in identifying fresh talent and trends across genres and pop-culture.

Be prepared to get in on the collaborative action by signing up at and creating your own stories now. It's time to get writing, horrormeisters.