Guest Blog: Sustainability On Set - Central Intelligence

21 Jun 2016 - By The Warner Bros. Team

The following is a guest post from our colleagues at Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. has been committed to environmental sustainability for many years, which includes how we produce our feature films.  Our newest action comedy, Central Intelligence, produced in conjunction with New Line Cinema and starring Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart, is no exception. In fact, this action-packed production raised the green production bar while shooting last summer in the Boston area.

The Central Intelligence crew made a concerted effort to be green throughout their 60-day shoot by using reusable water bottles, digitally distributing materials, using LED set lighting, buying sustainably sourced lumber and making extensive recycling and reuse efforts. Their recycling efforts diverted an estimated nine tons of recyclables from landfill, eliminating the need for 150 trash dumpsters and ultimately reducing their waste disposal costs.

During production, 9.2 tons of materials were recycled and diverted from the landfill.

Productions also bring great opportunity to the local businesses, organizations and communities in which we film. This production exercised its purchasing power by buying local and organic produce in the area to serve to cast and crew. Excess catered food from 50 of the 60 shooting days was donated to six different nonprofit organizations, totaling more than 5,000 meals given to those in need.  Also, 11 tons of organics were collected during the course of production, providing a local farm with valuable organic material.

5,000 meals were donated to six different organizations during production; 11 tons of compostable materials were collected during the 60 day shoot.

Surplus materials such as clothing, construction materials, set pieces, office furniture and equipment were also donated upon wrap to local organizations in need.  All in all, 10 different Boston-based nonprofit organizations received food and material donations.