Supergirl Casts Her Vote for Wonder Woman

23 Jun 2016 - By TW Staff

It's 2016, and for the first time a woman has been elected President of the United States. We are referring, of course, to news that Lynda Carter, who starred as Wonder Woman in the late 1970s’ TV series, has been cast as the President for the new season of Supergirl.

It was already set to be a big year for Wonder Woman, with a year-long commemoration of her 75th Anniversary as a comic book icon culminating in the release of her first stand-alone feature film next June. (That of course stars Gal Gadot, who was introduced in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.) Now, with Supergirl coming home to The CW, additional homage will be paid as the iconic Lynda Carter brings her distinct brand to the DC White House. Carter is scheduled to appear in the season's third episode, after her character was mentioned in the first season finale.

Mark your calendar for Supergirl's return on Monday, October 10 to see what other wonders are in store.