Wonder Woman Powers to the Top

12 Oct 2016 - By TW Staff

Today, Entertainment Weekly unveiled the "50 Most Powerful Superheroes," a scientific assessment of 155 characters across nine metrics that awarded points from zero to 10 for each (got that?). With the voting tallied, the ranking concluded what many already knew: DC's Wonder Woman is number 1 -- with Batman and Superman (cumulatively known in geek-world as "The Trinity") also landing in the top five.

It was already a big week for the amazing Amazonian. In the midst of her 75th anniversary, Wonder Woman was just celebrated with an all-star panel last Friday at New York Comic Con. Current writers and artists from the hero's flagship books and series honored her illustrious past while also making exciting announcements about the future. This included a new crossover between the Wonder Woman '77 and Batman '66 book series, as well as discussion of the upcoming Wonder Woman feature film starring Gal Gadot. The day also began with a first-day-of-issue dedication ceremony for postage stamps in honor of the diamond anniversary. 

Additionally, this week Variety unveiled an exclusive Wonder Woman pencil drawing from DC Comics publisher Jim Lee as part of its "Power of Women" special issue. Check out the time lapse video above for the drawing's reveal, and read the full Variety "Power of Woman" feature on Wonder Woman's 75th anniversary on newsstands now.