truTV’s All-New Brand Campaign is a Disaster. On Purpose.

1 Dec 2016 - By TW Staff

What involves a creepy clown, an over-zealous wind machine, a claw-foot bathtub and 200 pounds of mylar? That would be truTV’s new brand campaign, unveiled today. truTV is now the home to premium, creator-driven comedies like Adam Ruins Everything, Impractical Jokers and Hack My Life, to name a few.

The ads out today feature a hilarious send-up to network television promos of the past, with truTV stars  like Adam Conover, Jon Glaser and, Abbi Crutchfield awkwardly shimmying and writhing across shiny floors in their finest award-show attire, at times being pelted with mylar confetti.

The campaign was created in collaboration with truTV’s new agency partner WorkInProgress, and comes with a new tagline to cement its comedic identity: Funny because it’s tru. 

Check it out for yourself here: