To honor Black History Month, B/R MAG—your go-to source for sports storytelling—teamed up with acclaimed artist Hebru Brantley to reimagine all 30 NBA logos.

You may recognize Brantley’s artwork from Chance the Rapper’s “Angels” music video. Now Brantley, a native of the Chicago’s Bronzeville neighborhood—an area once known as the “Black Metropolis”— has turned his creative sights on the NBA. Brantley’s refashioned NBA logos take into account the rich history, often overlooked, that shapes a city’s identity.

For example, in the logo above, the Chicago Bulls are reimagined as the Chicago Defenders, in reference to the pioneering, and sometimes confrontational, black newspaper of the same name.

See all 30 redesigned NBA logos honoring Black History Month in B/R Mag, and also visit Hebru Brantley’s website to view more of his work.