Introducing OpenAP

11 Apr 2017 - By TW Staff

Turner, Fox and Viacom have joined forces to address one of the television industry’s most vexing problems: audience targeting across publishers and independent measurement. Their solution is OpenAP, TV’s Advanced Audience Platform, announced last month and presented at an event last week at the Times Center in New York City.

New technology has allowed advertising and marketing to grow more sophisticated. Television publishers have moved beyond basic demographics and into new terrain where advanced data-driven products can help advertisers zero in on highly specific audiences. But a lack of transparency on who makes up these audiences across publishers has made it challenging for advertisers to adopt.

This is why advertisers will rejoice that the new tool— operated by a neutral, third party auditor—creates a standard for audience targeting previously unavailable. It also eliminates a lot of extra work. OpenAP will be a single platform that agencies and advertisers can integrate into their own planning systems to activate advanced audience targeting and independent measurement within premium content. Previously, agencies had to onboard audiences separately for each publisher.

OpenAp is focusing on linear TV in its initial beta version, with plans to support multi-platform delivery in the future.

To learn more about OpenAP, watch this interview with Turner’s Chief Research Officer Howard Shimmel and visit OpenAp’s website.