Time Warner Celebrates Earth Week

19 Apr 2017 - By TW Staff

In case you haven’t heard, Earth Day is this Saturday, April 22. At Time Warner we mark the occasion with a full week of activities at our offices all over the globe. From energy conservation to recycling, there are a variety of activities happening company-wide to remind us all that small actions can contribute to a healthier planet. 

Employees at many locations are seeing dimmer hallways and elevator banks, a sure sign that the annual Global Building Power Down—now in its fifth year— is in effect. Organized by the Time Warner Energy Council, the Power Down is part of ongoing efforts to conserve energy. Buildings in more than 20 countries are participating by dimming or turning off non-essential lighting, and employees are encouraged to help by switching off computer monitors and office lights at the end of the day. 

Other planet-friendly activities are planned leading up to Earth Day, including educational workshops, sustainable living challenges, employee volunteer events like the Great Los Angeles River cleanup and more. We all share the same Mother Earth so make her—and future generations— happy by being a little greener every week.

Learn more about how Time Warner businesses are doing just that here, and search for more Earth Day information to learn how you can do your part!