CNN Unveils Snapchat News Show

22 Aug 2017 - By TW Staff

News junkies have a fresh source for the latest headlines. CNN has launched The Update—a new daily Snapchat Show that provides a rundown of essential news from CNN correspondents and bureaus worldwide. The Update runs daily a Show at 6:00 p.m. ET, featuring five or more breaking news segments from CNN reporters.

“We are introducing our brilliant cast of world class anchors and reporters to a young audience in a smart, accessible way with The Update,” said Samantha Barry, CNN’s executive producer for social and emerging media. “In today’s news environment, people are hungry for news and they want a quick update of where things are at within one tap of their phone. So, we're serving that up, speaking their language and delivering it in beautiful, vertical, mobile friendly video.”

CNN first appeared on the app in 2015 as an original Snapchat Discover launch partner. 

Snapchatters can find The Update in the Shows section of their Stories pages and subscribe for easy viewing. Check out The Update now.