Meet the Winners of Turner’s Innovation Contest

19 Dec 2017 - By TW Staff

This post originally appeared on the Turner Blog.

Earlier this year, Turner launched its first ever internal innovation contest to inspire employees to focus on ideas that propel the business forward and help bring to life our mission to “reinvent television.”

The competition, which received applications from around the world, began in the summer of 2017, and then five finalists were selected in September. From September until now, the teams worked to refine their ideas – and their pitches – with the help of mentors and coaches from the Turner Strategy team.

On December 12, all five teams – in “Shark Tank” fashion – presented their ideas to Turner’s Executive Council in New York, including CEO and Chairman John Martin, CFO Pascal Descroches and President of Turner David Levy, Angela Santone head of HR, and Gerhard Zeiler, President, Turner International. 

Each team was scored on the problem they were attempting to solve and their proposed solution. Also taken into consideration was the size of the opportunity and whether the idea had overall strategic merit for the company.

The projects ranged from ideas relating to the implementation of Blockchain, to mobile learning, to a new live streaming platform. But the winning idea was #WordofMouth – which was developed by a team made up of employees from our Atlanta and Burbank offices. Their winning idea: The creation of a social app that would be a “go-to” source for entertainment recommendations from people that sit within your personal social network. The idea being that the people who know you best can help you find the content most relevant to your interests. 

Members of #WordofMouth received a cash prize for their winning idea, and will have the opportunity to see it come to life. The first and second runners up also received a cash reward.

Turner’s Chief Strategy Officer, Doug Shapiro conceived of and brought this contest to life. “The future of our company depends on our ability to innovate. This competition is representative to the spirit of how our company was founded and has succeeded, and is a reflection of just how serious we are about innovation and bringing to life great ideas.”