Besties Get Better

3 May 2018 - By TW Staff
Turner’s TBS and Conan O’Brien just announced an expanded partnership spanning television, digital, social and live events that'll enable the late night icon to connect and interact with his multi-generational fan base across platforms. 
After 25 years on television and having amassed a deeply passionate and engaged fan base through his nightly show, travel specials, digital content, live events and fan interactions, Team Coco and TBS will take Conan’s enduring brand of comedy to his fans wherever they are. 
The expansion of Team Coco will be led by Billy Parks, who's been named to the newly created position of Chief Brand Officer for the joint venture.
While Conan will continue to air four nights a week on TBS, in 2019 the show will unveil a new, less-structured, thirty-minute format that will have guests and segments drawn from the expanded Team Coco portfolio.
The team's initial expansion efforts will include talent deals with stand-up comedians driven by live touring and original digital material. Kicking-off in late 2018, O’Brien and his curated team of comics will hit the road on a multi-city tour hosted by O’Brien himself.
“Since I inherited my Late Night show in 1993, TV has changed exponentially. I’d like to think I have evolved with many of these changes, but now it’s time to take the next leap.  A half-hour show will give me the time to do a higher percentage of the comedy in, and out, of the studio that I love and that seems to resonate in this new digital world,” O’Brien said about the changes. “It’s still going to be me hosting a very silly show, but I want segments on my half-hour program to link to digital content, deepening the experience for my younger fans, and confusing my older ones.”
Keep an eye out for more information as the partnership evolves, and be sure to keep tuning in to Conan Monday through Thursday at 11 p.m. ET on TBS.