Cool Off This Summer at Smallfoot's Yeti Village

31 Jul 2018 - By TW Staff

Running August 12 through September 14, fans of Warner Animation Group’s upcoming Smallfoot can have their own personal encounter at the Smallfoot Yeti Village in Hollywood.

Staged on two levels, the fully immersive, family-friendly experience will transport visitors to two very different worlds—the yeti mountain home above the clouds and the smallfoot (aka "human") land below—as they discover the big “myth-understanding” between them.

Guests will enjoy a 40-minute, yeti-sized adventure, featuring a snowball pit and 20-foot spiral slide; recreated film environments, including karaoke at the Yak Shack; plus arts and crafts, games, and other exciting themed activities to celebrate the fun and wonder of the film.

The Smallfoot Yeti Village will be at the corner of Hollywood Blvd. and Vine Street in Hollywood. Admission is free, with timed ticketing available at beginning July 31, or via walk-up line. WAG’s Smallfoot, distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures, opens September 28.

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