Hello, My Name Is Jackie Rezk.

4 Sep 2018 - This post originally appeared on the Turner Blog.

Below is another in our Turner colleagues' "Hello, My Name Is..." series, in which we get to meet interesting people from Turner locations worldwide. 

We visit Jackie Rezk at Turner’s London office for this edition of “Hello, My Name Is...” The senior manager of Digital Analytics shares her favorite work memory, why Data Analytics are important to Turner’s success and how the Circle Mentoring program changed her career.

What’s your name and title? 
Jackie Rezk, senior manager, Digital Analytics – Turner EMEA.

How long have you have been with Turner? 
I have been at Turner for three years. I started out at CNN in Atlanta, GA, and recently transferred to Turner EMEA in London as part of the Data and Consumer Insights team. 

What’s the most interesting part of your job? 
The start of my career in digital analytics focused on targeting an adult audience; shifting to a younger audience has given me the opportunity to see things in an entirely different light. There’s a whole new way of thinking as well as challenges around data collection with the ever-evolving regulations (most recently with the GDPR). To be constantly on the verge of new ways of working in the space keeps me challenged and interested.  

Working at CNN on the night of the 2016 US Presidential Election was a very memorable moment in my career.

Because of what I do, Turner… 
…is able to identify opportunities to grow digitally and expand its excellence in the space. This includes helping build a Center of Excellence around Digital Analytics, as well as empowering others to understand data better. The more we understand the data at our fingertips, the more likely we can continue to bring forward as many learnings as possible.

What does innovation mean to you, and how do you incorporate it into your role?
To me, innovation means strength and efficiency. Without the two, we can’t stay ahead of the competition.  

I am currently working with Digital Ventures & Innovation (DV&I) to automate our reporting, enabling us to become much more efficient. As we eliminate many of our manual reports, we can focus on delivering more insights. 

What is the most memorable moment you’ve had working at Turner? 
Working at CNN on the night of the 2016 US Presidential Election was a very memorable moment in my career. It was a very unique experience to be sitting in the newsroom with the editorial team as history was made. 

Which Turner colleague has been your greatest mentor or had the biggest influence on your career?
Last year I participated in the women’s circle mentoring group with Valerie Immele and Pola Changnon. I remember asking them about the process of making an internal transfer to the London office, to see if I was just crazy or if I could really do something like this. They were both very supportive and gave me insight into the steps I needed to take, and here I am! 

Giving my circle the news about my new role was really inspiring to everyone. The connections I made were invaluable. I was able to understand, apart from what I did at CNN, how other parts of the company worked. 

I learned that all you have to do is put your mind towards something and it can really happen, and that Turner can make those things happen.

I learned that all you have to do is put your mind towards something, and it can really happen…

What is your favorite Turner show and why?  
“Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown.” I love to travel, and I can’t live without great food and new experiences.  After learning about his recent death, I was heartbroken; his passion for how to live and stand up for what’s right will always stick with me.  

Tell us about something interesting you do in your free time. 
Traveling is a passion of mine as I mentioned earlier. It can’t get any better than living in London and being in such close proximity to so many exciting places.

I also make jewelry in my spare time. It’s my creative outlet and my way to relax when I’m not at work. 

What is the best thing about working at Turner?
The experience I have with working in a multi-cultural office, being able to do what I love, and being inspired by my amazing colleagues.