Muggles Remaster the Magic with the Launch of “LEGO Harry Potter: Collection”

7 Nov 2018 - By WarnerMedia Staff

Ten points to Gryffindor! Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has announced the launch of the “LEGO Harry Potter: Collection” for Nintendo Switch and Xbox One in partnership with TT Games and the LEGO Group.

The magical new collection combines two classic games--“LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4” and “LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7”-- all into one remastered package.

Players can follow Harry through Hogwarts and enter the enchanting Wizarding World with fresh new features from all eight films. The disk includes enhanced graphics, special visual effects, and two downloadable content packs. 

“The ‘LEGO Harry Potter: Collection’ for Nintendo Switch and Xbox One brings the entire LEGO Harry Potter adventure to a new generation of players to enjoy,” said Jonathan Smith, Head of Production and Strategic Director, TT Games. “Gamers can journey back to Hogwarts for a light-hearted, humorous and interactive journey told through all of the Harry Potter films, sure to delight fans and newcomers alike.”

The action-packed adventure doesn’t stop there. The disk also offers two previously released DLC packs, including a Character Pack featuring the four founders of Hogwarts and other special characters, as well as a Spell Pack featuring Cantis, Densaugeo, Ducklifors, Melofors and Tentaclifors.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Malfoy’s father WILL hear about this.