Cartoon Network partners with Microsoft MakeCode and Adafruit to inspire the next generation of creators

10 Jan 2019 - By WarnerMedia Staff

As part of Cartoon Network's ongoing commitment "to inspire the next generation of young creators," the Turner network has partnered with Microsoft MakeCode and Adafruit Industries to create a new coding projects for kids.

Through a series of tutorials, students can use Adafruit and Microsoft tech tools to build fun and whimsical creations inspired by some of Cartoon Network’s most beloved characters.

From electronic Princess Bubblegum and Ice King crowns to a hot potato Jake the Dog, these DIY projects are designed to help kids learn the basics of coding while letting their imaginations soar.

“This generation of kids is the most diverse, mobile generation ever. They immerse themselves in content, not just as consumers, but as creators,” said Jill King, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Partnerships, Cartoon Network. “We see this partnership as bringing best-in-class offerings together to inspire kids. With software from Microsoft, hardware from Adafruit, and characters that kids love from Cartoon Network, we hope to fuel their creative confidence, self-expression, and curiosity.”

With this new project and partnership, students who might not ordinarily see themselves as “coders” are given the tools and tenacity to create and explore the computer science world.

And this isn’t the first time Cartoon Network has inspired kids to code.

In 2016, the network launched a $30 million campaign in collaboration with the White House Computer Science for All initiative to engage youth in coding projects and make STEM an essential part of their education.

Over the years, Cartoon Network has embedded computer science based storylines and narratives into their popular programming including the popular series, “The Powerpuff Girls.”

For indeed, with the network’s massive, multi-platform reach and its beloved characters, Cartoon Network continues to spread awareness and inspire the next generation of creative minds.

Learn more about the network’s recent partnership with Microsoft MakeCode and Adafruit Industries and find instructions for their coding projects here.