Game of Thrones Celebrates Premiere of Final Season

16 Apr 2019 - By WarnerMedia Staff

Fervant fans of the Seven Kingdoms and eager audiences around the world finally celebrated the return to Westeros, as Game of Thrones soared back onto screens last night with the premiere of Season Eight. Queens, Lords, Ladies, Wildlings, the undead and dragons alike wasted no time sweeping us back into the drama, serving satisfying revelations and reunions, as the Great War looms in the background. Game of Thrones’ final season premiere was watched by a record 17.4 million viewers Sunday night across HBO’s platforms.

Fans have been eagerly waiting for this moment with excitement and anticipation in the air so thick, one could cut it with Valerian steel. From Quest for the Throne, where fans worldwide were invited to partake in the ultimate quest to find six thrones, dropped in different locations around the world reminiscent of Westeros, Create for the Throne, where props from the show were sent to 18 top fan creators to reimagine into their own artwork, the popular Super Bowl ad featuring the beloved Bud Knight and the extended version of the ad which garnered over 9.3M views, to  the “Dragon wagon” appearance in Boston that brought five lucky fans to the Game of Thrones red-carpet premiere in New York City,  “The Dead Must Die: A Magic Leap Encounter,” created in partnership with FramestoreVR, Magic Leap, and AT&T that debuted in AT&T Flagship retail stores, “Bleed for the Throne,” the largest blood donation promotional effort by an entertainment company in American Red Cross history, and HBO’s first branded Snapchat augmented-reality lens for “Game of Thrones,” which let New Yorkers gawk at the sight of an undead ice dragon alighting on top of the city’s iconic Flatiron Building, the lead up to the final season has been nothing short of momentous. These are only the highlights of the incredible marketing and promotions leading up to the final season premiere.

Game of Thrones was a hot topic on social leading up to the premiere episode last night with folks jumping on the countdown fun everywhere. Twitter revealed that last night’s premiere was the most Tweeted about episode of the show – ever – with over 5 MILLION TWEETS during the east coast airing alone! Game of Thrones owned the conversation on Twitter, occupying all Worldwide trends as the episode credits began to roll, and #GameofThrones Trended #1 Worldwide and in the U.S throughout the day. The most tweeted about characters last night were Bran Stark, Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Sansa Stark and Cersei Lannister. 

Congratulations to the HBO team and everyone who has made Game of Thrones such a massive success over the last eight years and kicking off the final season in style! Like the legions of fans around the world, we cannot wait for next week’s episode!