Warner Bros. empowers students through magic of storytelling, filmmaking

30 May 2019 - By WarnerMedia Staff

Warner Bros. believes in the power of story. Every student has a story to tell. All they need are the tools to bring them to life.

In collaboration with Ghetto Film School and the Los Angeles Unified School District, this year’s WB First Cut program equipped 2,100 high school students with filmmaking tools and skills. Now in its second year, the program empowers the next generation of storytellers to take their ideas from script to screen, exploring new methods of storytelling and uncovering new possibilities for their future. Students also had the chance to screen their short films on the Warner Bros. Studio Lot – just like a real red carpet premiere.

Erica, a WB First Cut student, said that while she improved her teamwork and time management skills through the program, she also discovered new parts of her identity. “This has opened me up to a whole new side of myself,” she shared.

The WB First Cut curricula, developed by Ghetto Film School, explore different storytelling styles and filmmaking techniques: film noir, commercial and short film featuring an inanimate object. Each genre presents its own set of unique challenges, providing a creative outlet that fosters collaboration and enhances problem-solving skills. Students created hundreds of original short films, exploring themes of relationships, environmental sustainability, community and diversity through their newly developed filmmaking skills.

At the end of the semester, students had the unique opportunity to screen their work on the historic Warner Bros. Studio Lot for industry professionals and entertainment executives. At this red carpet premiere event – complete with photographers and special guests – L.A. Unified teachers, students and their families were invited to celebrate the power of story with the selected student groups.

Joseph Kim, a WB First Cut teacher from Cleveland High School, shared how valuable this experience was for his students, saying, “They get a chance to step on the lot, step into one of the biggest theaters here, and be celebrated for all of their work.”

To learn more about WB First Cut and other WB Good programs and initiatives, visit WBGood.com.