Turner Studios’ video contest brings out the ‘Young Guns’

26 Jul 2019 - By WarnerMedia Staff

Turner Studios interns, apprentices and T3s have it pretty great. First, they get to collaborate with and learn from some of the most creative and skilled folks in the business. Second, they get to work on some incredibly fun, high profile projects. Third, they might randomly see Shaq strolling around the office, saying hello. But possibly the coolest perk they have is access to Turner Studios’ annual Young Guns Fest.

Young Guns Fest is Turner Studios’ annual junior staff mentorship festival, which gives apprentices and interns the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in all aspects of the content creation process.

The highlight of Young Guns Fest is the video contest, where participants are separated into teams and faced with a big challenge: write, produce, shoot and edit a 60-second video. But they can’t simply create a video about giant cat-monsters with laser eyes. The videos must revolve around a predetermined theme, and this year’s was “Real Connections” – originating from the company’s newly-created mission statement.

All of the entries were recently showcased at a special viewing party after being judged by creative directors and producers throughout Turner Studios. This year’s winners and their videos are as follows:

Overall Judges' Award

"Mandatory Meeting": Madeleine Daste, Michael Guitierrez, Ryan Hopkinson, Heather Frankel, Paris Ferribee


Viewers' Choice Award

“Millennial Dinner Party”: Patrick Bailer, Cassidy Baumann, Piper Ruhmkorff, Cyrus Townsend



Best Production

"TeamX": Chris White, Tiara Frazier, Drew Leyburn, Zeno Padinjattekara, Matt Mansfield


Best Post-Production

"Leave it to Beacon": Arhum Qazi, Nia Thompson, Kaity Howard, Zack Miller


As you can see, these “young guns” are super talented and really highlight the great environment that exists over at Turner Studios. Congratulations to all the participants on another fantastic Young Guns Fest, and please let us know if you can make that giant cat- monster video, it could be really great.