WarnerMedia employees get some fresh air volunteering at NY summer camp

26 Jul 2019 - By WarnerMedia Staff

This past week, more than 20 brave WarnerMedia employees left the comfort of their new AC-filled home in Hudson Yards and boarded a bus headed towards Hayden Marks Camp to volunteer for The Fresh Air Fund (FAF). The Fresh Air Fund is an organization that offers free outdoor camps and experiences in Upstate NY for children raised in New York’s underserved communities.

The WarnerMedia volunteers were split up into groups and traded in their corporate hats for the day to become camp counselors in: wood work, environmental science, arts and crafts, dance and everything in between.

The day was filled with lots of laughter, exploration, fresh air, and, best of all, no phones! Adhering to The FAF’s strict “no phone” policy, both volunteers and campers enjoyed technology-free interactions surrounded by trees, lakes and sunshine.

The day ended on a high note as WarnerMedia volunteers joined in with the camp chants and dances in the mess hall. As the bus pulled off and headed back to the city, not one volunteer had escaped without trace amounts of glue, paint, dirt and glitter plastered all over their clothes — but every face wore a smile that can only be achieved by giving back to something bigger than themselves.