Boing is on a roll with Italian and Spanish fans

1 Aug 2019 - By WarnerMedia Staff

Boing, the popular kids free-to-air channel available in Italy and Spain through WarnerMedia’s partnership with Mediaset, is on a roll with continued strong ratings and new launches.

Boing holds a leading position on the market for its kids’ app and recently announced a dedicated festival for fans in Spain. The channel also announced a second season for its extremely successful and popular original production “Heroes Island.” To top it all off, Boing launched its second channel app, Cartoonito in Italy this week — with channel streaming and lots of available content. 

In July, Boing Plus, a new free-to-air channel, launched in Italy. Boing Plus is not only for Boing fans, but also for younger fans of Cartoonito. It airs a mix of pre-school TV shows in the morning, led by “Simon,” “Kid-E-Cats,” “Dr Panda,” and “Grizzy and the Lemmings.” Afternoon favorites include “The Amazing World of Gumball,” “Teen Titans Go!,” “We Bare Bears,” “Ben 10,” “Stuck In The Middle,” Boing Original productions and more.

For fans on the go, the Boing AVOD app services in Italy and Spain are showing impressive results:

  • more than 2.5M and 935K first launches respectively.
  • average time spent viewing (ATS) is 10 minutes (Italy) and 11.4 minutes (Spain).

There’s also good news comes from the “Heroes Island” game show produced by Boing Italy and Spain with Lucky Road Productions. After the success of the first season, the show returns to air in September with new episodes and 12 new aspiring heroes. The heroes of the show were chosen from nearly 700 kids in both Italy and Spain, who auditioned for the show during a talent “roadshow”. The casting event is so popular, it’s become its own 6-episode event, which will precede the new show called “Waiting for Heroes Island.”

Spanish fans who want a dose of Boing up close and in person, the Boing Fest will be held in Madrid in September.